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Resident Resources

Information You Need

Emergency Maintenance Number: 512-201-4446

Property Rental Process for Tenants

Hello and welcome! We hope you will find these resources helpful. You may also call the office at 512-861-8089 or email

Tenant Portal

Upon acceptance of your application, you will receive an Email to activate your Tenant Portal. This is where you will make payments as well as submit Work Orders for maintenance requests.

If you have any issues using your portal, you can go HERE for help in English, or HERE for help in Spanish.

Repair Procedures

If this is a life threatening emergency call 911

For general repairs, the fastest and best method is to submit a Work Order through your Tenant Portal. Attach photos if you can. Our staff receives an email notification of your repair request and will assign a vendor. One of our staff members may call you to troubleshoot a simple fix. You will receive a copy of the work order once a vendor is assigned so you know who to expect a call from to schedule the appointment.

Click here to view self help videos on common repair items

Per the terms of your residential lease agreement you are responsible, at your own expense, for certain repair items. If you submit a repair request for one of the below listed items you may be back billed for the cost of the repair.

Click the above link to view self help repair videos on common repair items for which you may be responsible.

  • Toilet backups
  • Slow draining sinks or tubs
  • Garbage disposal malfunction
  • Reset electrical breaker
  • Smoke / CO2 detector battery replacement
  • Pest control
  • Furnace filter replacement


Repair or damage caused by your negligence or misuse is your responsibility. In such cases, repairs will be made, but you will be charged for the cost of the labor and materials.

Rental Documents

We use a standard TAR Residential Lease and several addenda which can include:

You will receive a Tenant Handbook at move-in containing a fully executed copy of your Lease and addenda, along with other important documents.

We'd Like to Get Your Feedback!

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