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Trusted by Austin Area Owners & Investors

Monte Davis Property Management has earned a reputation for being the go-to choice for clients looking for exceptional service and reliable management of their properties. Read reviews from people like you to find out why so many customers choose Monte Davis Property Management and make it their #1 Choice!

I've rented from Monte Davis for years. They took over the Property I lived and immediately things went from bad to amazing. I would have left years ago if they didn't take over. The neighborhood has been much better when they took over multiple complexes. They are Johnny on the spot with repairs and quick to respond to issues. I signed another year with them due to the craziness right now. No way will I take a chance with another Property management company till I buy.

Stephen Whitley

My wife and I are investors from the State of Washington, and we looked to central Texas to take advantage of better returns with long term stability. In early 2013, we contacted Monte and he took the time to have an online meeting with us (at 6pm our time, 8pm his time mind you) to get to know us, explain the central Texas market, and to give us an initial sense of areas that were good areas to look at, and some to probably shy away from. To this day, I still have, and refer to all of my notes from that meeting, and have added to them over the past couple of years. Since that initial introduction, we have acquired six properties that have performed very well, and we are looking to add more. Needless to say, we have invested a lot of money, and I wholly trust Monte’s advice when making such a large aggregate investment. My interaction with Monte has always been collaborative, educational, and honest. I know he has our best interest at heart. It is common for Monte to tell me that a property I like is NOT a good investment. I truly appreciate that because even after being investing for about 15 years now, I do sometimes let emotion and my competitive nature to just "win" get in the way of a good investment. Monte has no problem telling me no, and reminding me that we are not going to overpay for a property. Similarly, he also does a good job of telling us to go jump on a property asap because it’s a great one to go after. Monte knows the Austin market inside and out. And, he has an astoundingly good memory. When I say he knows the market, I can tell you that he knows what is happening where, what neighborhood has what going on, he even knows SPECIFICS about the streets in the neighborhood. I’ve had him tell me that a particular area may not be great because the neighborhood has had a lot of foundation issues, or the potential tenant of such a property doesn’t fit our target profile. This type of information is so incredibly important to us, and frankly has allowed us to be so successful with our Austin/Central Texas portfolio. We have always received top rent for our properties. I’m convinced of that. When looking at properties to add to the portfolio, that is my biggest concern. What can it rent for now, and if we wanted to capture more, what would it take to make that happen (i.e. updating, upgrading, etc.). He will tell us if there is any rent upside, or if we are probably capped at a certain price point. I think the best way to describe how Monte operates is that he treats every property and investment as if it was his own. If he wouldn’t do it for his own investment, he’s not going to advise you to do it. I wouldn’t look anywhere else than Monte. He is your guy.

T. Olson - WA Investor & Austin Property Owner

My trust and confidence in Monte and his team were well deserved. I appreciate all your help. Thanks again and take care!

Kately Fowler - Austin TX Investor/Owner Occupied

Monte and his team were fantastic throughout the search and purchase of my latest investment. Unlike some other brokers I attempted to work with, Monte focuses on the financial aspects of real estate from an investor's perspective and has a deep understanding of the Austin market. This is not a real estate professional who deals in single-family homes and suggests an overpriced property is the right way to go because someone threw in a granite countertop or refreshed the cabinets. He and his team offer a wealth of information, are easy to work with and were always available. There was never a time when I called him or his office and didn't get a call back within an hour (even when he was in China!). Taking advantage of technology (thanks for the app recommendations), his team expedites and simplifies every step of the transaction. Looking forward to our next deal! - Gerry G

Gerry Gilligan - Investor - Austin Texas

You and your team were a fantastic to work with (again). Being able to make adjustments and keep an eye on the close while having a seller abroad during the transaction, even temporarily, was because of the trust and confidence built between us. Thank you very much for the help, and I will always keep an eye on the Austin market knowing that there is a great relationship in place....when I get that itch again and want back in :) It is sometimes cliché, but I am genuinely able to say that it is a pleasure doing business with you.

H. Smalley - Investor Seller

My partner and I first met with Monte in a coffee shop in central Austin to discuss the options as new investors looking to get into our first rental property. Monte came with a mountain of timely information. He knows the area incredibly well, and his knowledge goes much deeper than just the current trends. He gets to the heart of what a good investment is and how to determine what you *should* be looking for. We stopped talking to other realtors after that first meeting and have been working exclusively with Monte ever since. We are located in California and he has been on top of everything locally, in Austin, to make sure there are no surprises. He truly goes above and beyond expectations by visiting potential properties with his video camera. He regularly sent us videos of properties inside and out with “voice- over’s” explaining any issues that he felt may need to be investigated more thoroughly. Now we have purchased our second duplex through Monte and have even enlisted him as our leasing agent. Needless to say he got both units rented to very high quality tenants. Besides the expected help, Monte also spent a lot of time working with our lender and the sellers to make sure we were getting the deal we expected. He doesn't let anything go by without investigation. Even after we had completed the purchase of our properties he frequently interacted with the contractors that were working on the property (painters, roofers, etc.) to make absolutely sure they were doing everything in our best interest. Monte is a true professional in every sense of the word. Starting from a very stable base thanks to Monte and his team we are looking at the start of a long career in property ownership.

Jesse Marandino & Amalia Gonzales - CA Investors

Like anyone else, I talked around my office and came across a friend who uses Monte Davis Realty Group Real Estate to manage her property in Austin. She loved that the entire situation was care free and generate a great ROI. So I took the risk and called Monte. After a quick introduction on how they found properties(and ultimately managed them), I figured it would not hurt to try. Before long, his able team found multiple units. Each unit came with in depth market analysis and personalized walk thru the unit, complete with commentaries. The commentaries were the best. In many instances, after the visit, Monte’s team decided that it is just not worth buying the property.

Without spending a dime, I had the distinct feeling that these people were not out to make just a sale, but make the right sale. It truly felt like, if Monte’s team didn’t want to buy it, it is simply not worth buying. Replace the lighting, repaint the wall, update the carpets, etc. The experience team at Monte Davis Realty Group Real Estate can not only find the unit, but also make an accurate assessment as to how much it will take to make the unit profitable to rent. When we finally decided on the unit(duplex), it was just a matter of making the bid. When the inspection occurred, the team videotaped the inspector to comment on the value of property(in case we wanted to bail out). He highlighted all the items that needed attention and concluded the property was a good deal.

We signed and handed the management of the property back to Monte Davis Realty Group Real Estate for property management. After opening an account with his property management tool, we now sit back and see the money come in. Talk about a complete win. If you are looking to invest in real estate and do not have the time or experience, Monte Davis Realty Group Real Estate is your one stop solution. Try it, you will not be disappointed."

Ivan and Na Parra - CA Investor

Looking back at the other realtors I have worked with, I realize that they all fell short compared to Monte and his wonderful team at Monte Davis Realty Group. Why? Well first, Monte (unlike other realtors) taught and provided me with the proper logic to make the best decision for me throughout the entire process. Secondly, Monte is a really personable man to work with and he makes this experience feel personable to you. He will find a home that will match your needs and is always open to hear about your concerns. Thirdly, he has the resources to make this whole process smooth and simple. He was able to find me a good lender, property management company, contractor, AND get me a 10K discount on the purchase of a property-- all without me breaking a sweat! In summary, I trust Monte with my real estate business and have been really blessed to work with him and his wonderful team.

Serena Chan - CA Investor

I'll apologize in advance for this recommendation's length, but real examples beat imaginative words in my mind. As a skeptical first-time home buyer, I assumed the average real estate broker may be biased and incentivized to close quickly. But in my experience with Monte Davis Realty Group (Monte and Becky in particular), they are anything but average. Over a 7 month house hunt and close process, I came to learn that the MDRG truly wanted what is best for me.

They look at their clients as long-term business partners to form deep relationships with, not as a way to make a quick profit. Despite my endless questions and concerns, I was given truthful and experienced information (Monte knows the Austin metro area better than anyone). I was never made to feel my questions were undeserving or a waste of time. And throughout the process, I was never hurried to make a decision. When I finally made an offer on a home, Monte was out with me to meet inspectors and contractors. I was able to run ideas off him and he asked questions that I had not even thought of. This added up to perhaps the most important feeling for a buyer: Complete and total trust. Below are just a few examples of the incomparable service they provide: -After close, I left the country for a couple weeks. Monte offered to be a point of emergency contact for a tenant in the duplex. -Becky was totally proactive in working with the mortgage company (this is normally a relationship between the bank and the buyer, not the agent). She very well may have provided enough guidance to close timely and was in constant contact with me throughout. -Thorough understanding of the market trends, developments underway, zip codes with the most potential, and other regulatory or legal issues affecting home buying. -Ability to listen closely to the customer and provide viable listings that meet the right criteria. -Monte consistently did things beyond the ordinary, like meeting inspectors when I could not, dropping off keys, forming a positive relationship with the tenants (whose home we were invading), being on the phone with me constantly at all times of the weekday or weekend, etc... -We likely saw 15 homes together before the purchase. Many brokers would likely start to pressure the buyer at this point. Monte never did. -Advanced search and communications technologies (docusign, web meetings, etc). -Monte has a natural ability to form positive relationships with the selling agent and anyone else he deals with. I believe this helped me get the lowest possible price and it was a huge benefit when the close got delayed. -At several points, I became disenchanted by the complexity of home buying.

I ALWAYS felt better after a conversation with Becky or Monte. They remained voices of reason, reminded me that it would all work out, and had the skill/knowledge to ensure that it would. -I know from a close friend who also worked with the Monte Davis Realty Group, that that they remain proactive and available long after close. What a priceless way to get peace of mind and what particularly exceptional service for this industry! I really cannot thank the Monte Davis Realty Group or recommend them enough. I am more than happy to provide further examples or answer any questions about my experience. Thank you again to Monte and Becky!

Brett Ogin - Austin TX - Residential Buyer

I have had the privilege of working with Monte Davis Property Management since 2018 and it has been exceptional. Time and time again the team has come through sourcing local contractors for incidentals and managing large scale projects with speed and integrity. As an out of state home owner, this peace of mind is invaluable and I highly recommend Monte and his associates to manage your real estate needs.

MB Hunt - Out-of-state Property Investor

I've been working with Monte Davis for nearly three years and I couldn't be more satisfied with the partnership. I consider it a partnership because they are my eyes and ears since I do not live in the area. I hold Monte in high esteem because unlike most other agents, he puts his money where his mouth is - personally investing in many of the areas he promotes - he know this market! I interviewed for weeks to build a team in Austin that really understood what I was trying to accomplish and feel grateful to have found Monte Davis Realty Group.

Tracy Molenaar, Yorba Linda, CA

I highly recommend Monte and his team to any prospective real estate investors. Monte helped me purchase my first property. As an owner-occupant, I had set criteria and I wasn’t very flexible. When we started looking, the market did not have much to offer. Instead of pressuring me into an undesirable property, Monte remained patient and committed to finding the right property for me. Then, when we found the right one, Monte played an instrumental role in helping me win the bidding war. The seller had several offers on the table, including two all cash offers. Despite the additional risk, the seller chose my offer, which was financed through an FHA loan. I have no doubt Monte’s communication and interpersonal skills made the difference. Following the inspection, he helped me focus on the significant issues and made sure my concerns were remedied. Throughout the process, I never had trouble contacting him or his staff. Monte is knowledgeable, professional, and overall, he’s a good guy. I am extremely satisfied with my property and Monte’s services. I would recommend Monte to my family and friends without hesitation.

Daniel Lawrence - Investor/Owner Occupant

Monte Davis and Monte Davis Realty Group Team are an essential resource for investing in Austin. I am not from Texas and had never been to Austin before I decided to invest there. I selected Monte as my broker because of his incredible experience in the business of real estate in general, and because of his insight into the Austin market in particular. The Monte Davis Realty Group website and search tools are an outstanding resource, especially for an out-of-state investor. With Monte's guidance and advice, I purchased a duplex that, at the time of my offer, wasn't even on the market. Monte expertly negotiated on my behalf for a purchase price that came in well below the appraised value. He was extremely instrumental throughout escrow, as he provided perspective and counsel with respect to the property inspections and the rental process. This was my first multi-family property purchase. However, as an attorney who specializes in real estate and commercial matters, I regularly work with small and large scale property investors. Monte and his team have the knowledge and sophistication to maximize the investment for an investor of any size or experience.

Dave Lee - CA Investor

Over the past several years, I’ve used Monte and Monte Davis Realty Group to purchase 3 properties. What impressed me from the start, was his integrity and understanding on the direction which Austin was and still is moving. Monte handled my retirement funds that I was shifting into real estate as if it was his own money. He placed me in three very good areas where it was not so much about the cash flow, but the capital appreciation as Monte put it. I have by far exceeded my expectation with these three properties. I have recommend Monte to my friends and family.

Mahalo no Kau Hana a Pau- means Thank you for all you do.

Tom Norton - Maui Hawaii - Investor

Monte was very helpful in walking us through the process of buying our first investment property. He was always available to answer questions and help us think through the potential of different properties. We look forward to using him as our Realtor® on further investment purchases and would recommend him to others.

Amber & Evan Welsh - Austin TX Investors/Owner Occupied

Monte Davis is a rare individual who is dedicated to his clients and their respective real estate needs. He will champion any challenge. Due to a tragedy in our family, my mom needed to promptly sell her house and relocate. Monte being a conscientious broker recognized our urgency and guided us from the staging to the selling. His accountability towards our property was as if he was a member of our family too. And he went above and beyond negotiating for the amount that was deserved. Commitment, diligence, instincts, and resources make him an expert in a field that he obviously loves. And he does all this with honesty and sophistication. Not to mention he is just a great guy. His excellent staff will continually stays abreast of every step to offer the administrative support. I claim that this was the best experience with a real estate broker we have ever had.

Thalia H. - Manhattan NY - Residential Seller

I would recommend Monte Davis and his team of professionals to anyone looking to buy real estate in Austin. I have purchased five investment properties from them and I am very impressed with their process, information, and follow up. I am a commercial real estate broker and my standards are very high for other professionals in my industry. The biggest compliment that I can give is that I trust their advice and counsel.

Wayne Kumagai- CA Investor

I was fortunate to contact Monte and his terrific team for information about selling a duplex I owned with family members. I received his flyers in the mail frequently and called once for information. I really liked the interaction and thought the information (comps) supplied was generous considering I was in the exploratory stage. As months passed and selling the property became a viable option, I contacted several other realtors who advertised a specialty with selling duplexes. None of them were quite as responsive, authentic or enthusiastic about their services. I set up a meeting with my family, co- owners to discuss the options. Monte had done his homework and presented a great overview of what was possible. What was also impressive was how well he communicated. We made the decision to sign with Monte and have been 100% happy with his services. He recommended we invest in the property to get a better price. It needed several large updates and repairs. We listened to him and followed his guidance. WOW, did it pay off as we got a really good price for the duplex. He is super - a great realtor - honest - knowledgeable - trustworthy - a very hard worker - and - fun ! Thanks Monte....

Frances Cox - Austin TX - Investor Seller

The agents here really helped us and showed actual determination to figure out whatever concerns we had and they also kept us up-to-date on the details along the process. Very pleased, thank you guys!

Camille Jones - Austin

We’ve been clients of Monte Davis for the past 9 years. During that time, the Davis team has helped us acquire, manage, and rehab several properties for purchase. That said, I can’t say enough about the level of attention we get for our properties to ensure we get top dollars and attract the best renters. As out of state property owners, the Davis team has given us peace of mind knowing they treat our properties like their own. Overall, it has been a great experience and recommend them for all aspects of real estate.”

R & T Hew - Investors (rehab and sellers)

I bought my first investment property with Monte with Monte Davis Realty Group, and simply stated, I can't imagine going with anybody else. Not only does Monte Know the business side of equation inside and out, he is a friendly and effective communicator, which an absolute must when buying from out of state. With video walk-throughs, daily emails, and constant phone contact, you never feel out of the loop. Monte and his team have the real estate investment process down to a science. Its impressive thing to behold. Overall Monte and Becky get my highest recommendation, in fact I can't wait to do it all over again in the future.

Max Porter - CA Investor

As a seasoned California real estate investor, Monte Davis is the epitome of professionalism and integrity when it comes to real estate investment in Austin. He is one of the few who does exactly what he says he will do - from the initial acquisition, to redevelopment, to turnkey management of the property. While I have an abundance of opportunity here in Los Angeles where I live, I continually invest in Austin because I trust Monte to be my eyes and ears on the ground in Austin. I trust his worthy team especially Becky and Sarah - to care for my properties like it was their own. If it wasn't for Monte, I would invest only in LA and stick close to home. Anyone considering investing in residential or multi-family in Austin is in great hands with Monte. Happy to speak with anyone seriously considering working with Monte!

Alok Chanani - Ca Investor

The Dream Team, My name is Paul Hong and I live in Los Angeles Ca. I am a active Real Estate investor and I love it. Its the best vehicle for growing your wealth. I owned properties in Phoenix AZ, Los Angeles Ca and Austin TX. I ran into Monte Davis few years back. I heard that Texas was a great place to invest and I found some properties on Loopnet from Austin TX. I crunched my numbers and the cash flow was good. I knew that I need to find a good agent and I talked to many agents. Finally decided to go with Monte and his team, that was the best choice I ever made and they got me a great deal and a awesome loan person. Then last year Monte Davis contacted me about short-term rehabs, I had been thinking about it because of all the foreclosures going around, but was not able to find any good properties or either they required all cash deals. Monte found me this property central Austin TX and we partnered in on the deal. The turnaround time was less than 6 months and we made 100K on the property. He also found some great buyers for the house and sold it quickly. I had reserve some funds for Monte because I love these guys so much and I would trust them with my first born and second born also. Sincerely, Paul Hong

Paul Hong - CA Investor

Thank you for your helpful, considerate, and successful handling of the sale of my home in Austin. Your suggestions for making necessary repairs were essential to the sale, but your assistance in the completion of those tasks was a great boon to me. Foremost, however, is my appreciation for your dealing with me personally, as an older homeowner. You were helpful at all stages of the process but never condescending or impatient, and you went out of your way to include my daughter and her husband so that I never felt confused or rushed. I came to view you as a friend and ally rather than an impersonal agent. Coincidentally, you were the first agent we contacted, and Ellie and I both knew you were the best at our first meeting. So thanks also for proving us right!

Helen Simons - Austin TX - Seller

It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend Mr. Monte Davis to be your "Broker of Choice." While I live outside of the Austin area, I had total trust and confidence in what Mr. Monte had recommend in regards to having my property leased out in the most professional and efficient manner. While performing the recommendations, from the time we first met until we had a signed contract ... it was less than 3 weeks!! All due diligence, background, and credit checks conducted ... and I now have a lease home! Monte Davis ... is the way to go

Ruben D. Gonzales - Houston TX

We live in west coast, and wanted to invest in Austin. Monte really guided us to the key areas in Austin (giving us the zip code map), and explained to us as to what to look for from an investment standpoint. He actually did a web conference call with us sharing the map of Austin, showing us key areas, and his Cash Flow Analysis tool. He and Becky (awesome member in his team) really helped us through the process of analysis the property, bidding, inspection process, negotiations with the seller, walk-through, signing the contract, and till we closed on the property. The entire process was very easy for us, as they put their hearts into helping us, being dedicated. They were always very responsive to every request, and all the phone calls. If I buy another property in Austin, I will definitely choose Monte Davis Realty Group to assist me.

Shashi - CA Investor

WE HAVE FOUND OUR REALTOR FOR LIFE! We have worked with Monte Davis now on several transactions and found him consistently professional, proactive, knowledgeable and an excellent advocate. He has been tireless in looking for properties that meet our criteria and seeking out info on potential properties -- as well as following up with us quickly once he gets information we have requested. He is personable, a delight with which to work, and we highly recommend him!

Renae J Burt - Austin TX - Investor

When we need a go-to Realtor in Austin, we call on Monte Davis and the team at Monte Davis Realty Group. We have used numerous others in our real estate investment business and find that the only one who can deliver consistently and efficiently is Monte. Being an investor his self, he imparts practical knowledge with considerate counsel on every transaction. Monte understands what it takes to get the job done on either the buy or the sell and his results are always excellent. We highly recommend Monte Davis Realty Group as Austin's investment Realtors.

Gordon and Heather Kitzul, Austin TX

There are agents and there is Monte Davis of Monte Davis Realty Group. Initially, I tried selling my duplex as a “For Sale By Owner.” It sat on the market for some time and the only drew the attention of several real estate agents – all claiming they were the best, had sold the most, and could sell my place the quickest . Funny they never brought a buyer. Long story short, I ran across Monte’s website and gave him a call. After our initial conversation, I knew he was the right person for the job. Monte took the time to show me the best way to present the property to the market and was very professional and sympathetic when speaking with my tenants. Within 17 days we were under contract! Monte is a true professional that I highly recommend.

Frank Dworaczyk - Austin, TX - Invester Seller

As a law enforcement officer and real estate investor I trust Monte Davis with my money like I trust my partner with my life. He is honest, ethical, and extremely knowledgeable in the Austin investment market.

John Corby, Laguna Niguel, CA

We purchased our first investment property through Monte. With all its unknowns and variables, the task of finding the right investment property was a bit daunting, but it became quickly apparent we were in great hands working with Monte and his team. The level of customer service that Monte and his team provide is unparalleled. Monte worked tirelessly to find us a property that met our needs, even steering us away from properties that we thought were suitable. With Monte's knowledge of the Austin market and expertise in property investment as well as management, we learned a great deal and feel well-equipped to manage our first property. Furthermore, Monte and his team conduct themselves in a friendly and professional manner with everyone, facilitating the entire process from viewing properties to closing. We thank you, Monte and Becky, for all of your help and will call on you again!

Robert & Vivian Corwin - Investor - Austin, TX

First of all I would like to thank you as well as congratulate you on a job well done. The Walter Street property and its long list of unusual obstacles will go down in history as a lesson in what can go wrong in a real estate transaction. From sellers that go on vacation at the beginning of the sale, juggling multiple offers, an angry tenant that delayed the entire process to the point that she had to be evicted, repair requests from the buyer and a most unusual appraiser request as well as the normal day-to-day operations of a sale. Your ability to seamlessly navigate through these many challenges and personalities presented by this property are the reason that you were not only the best man for the job, but in my opinion, the ONLY man for the job. You and your staff will remain at the top of my list when buying or selling real estate or recommending a real estate professional. With Great appreciation,

S. Saska - Seller

I've worked on real estate transactions all over the country ranging from small to large deals. In Austin, I've worked with 4 of the city's most prominent investment property specialists and Monte's team is by far and away the best realtor I have worked with anywhere There is no close second. Monte listened to exactly what I was looking for, understood my timelines, investment critieria, what my exit strategy was and came up with a clear concise plan which we have since executed on. He identified specific zip codes that would realize the investment return I wanted and combed those areas for properties. He would video properties whenever possible. Most important of all, he wasn't pushing me towards any property that met me criteria. He vetted every potential property that met my criteria, then added his own knowledge and expertise on the area, the quality of the building, schools, the market in that area, lease pricing in the area, and more. They used all the latest web technologies (video sharing, web collaboration, electronic signatures and more) so that with my limited time, I could be as effective and efficient as possible Beyond that Monte's support team kept me in the loop on all deliverables, critical dates, docs and worked on my behalf to make everything run smoothly. I've never had such a full service team support me in my efforts to buy properties. We have completed multiple purchases to this point and any future property I purchase in Austin, I wil consider no other firm but the Davis Company.

Cameron F. - CA Investor

Monte and his team assisted me in my first investment property and it couldn't have gone much smoother. He and his team are very knowledgeable and understand the market immensely. He guided me throughout the entire process with the utmost professionalism. I will definitely turn to Monte for my next real estate transaction.

Matt Cannon - Austin TX Investor

Monte Davis Realty Group just helped me purchase and lease out a wonderful property just outside of Austin city limits. From the very beginning Monte, Gary, and Becky directed me to the very best properties that fit my investment criteria-price, square footage, bedrooms, location in a good leasable area of town. I was able to locate properties online that looked good but every time there was something wrong that would never appear in a listing unless you were familiar with the areas and Monte Davis Realty Group was. After a few multiple offers that ended up not working Monte was able to locate the perfect property videotaped and we made a great offer that went through. The whole team assisted in the make ready always conscious of costs, the end result was the property leased in one day after it hit the market. I would strongly recommend Monte Davis Realty Group for your real estate needs impossible to find a more ethical and thorough group.

John Quart - CA Investor

Monte Davis Property Management has been such a pleasant surprise. Their team has by far exceeded every expectation and performed above and beyond the call of duty in every situation. I cannot say enough about their level of commitment and professionalism. And, Sarah communicates with me about everything important concerning my properties! I'm very happy with every aspect of their service.

E. Petree - 18 Units

Hands down Monte has been the best person we've worked w/ on the investment and property management side. We've had 2 property managers that have not done a good job (a few horror stories) and we always turn to Monte for recommendations and advice on how to rectify things. He's saved us on multiple occasions. We are very happy his team is back to managing our current properties. He's definitely done right by us and has earned our trust implicitly... RH

R. Hew - CA Investor & Austin Property Owner

Boy am I glad I bought a house from you. Even if my tenants never paid another dime in rent, I'm still ahead of where I would have been in the stock market -- please don't tell them this. :) My former stock portfolio would have lost $17K last quarter. The house is up $1K in cash (and who knows in appreciation) after four months and a lot more in expenses than most people would have spent: 1. New electrical system. 2. $1K in plumbing repairs including a new water heater. 3. $1K in junk repairs -- ceiling fan pulls/switches, lighting problems, outlet problems, appliance knobs, etc. I know $1K is "noise", but it's not $17K down. I'm going to slap anyone who tells me that real estate is too risky. I haven't found you any new clients, because everyone I know has their money tied up in 401Ks and 403Bs, but if I run across anyone I'll certainly send them your way. Thanks for all your help!

Rick Huff- Austin Texas

I’ve always wanted to invest in real estate but was never comfortable enough with an agent to take the plunge. That is until I meet with Monte and his team. Unlike other agents, he empowered me with knowledge from start to finish. Making sure I understood not only the grand possibilities, but more importantly the RISKS involved. His knowledge of the area (down to street level) was impressive, as well as his straight forward, tell like it is attitude. Rather than “Sell” me a property, he helped me analyze the property data so that I could make my own decisions. Through his guidance, I’m now the proud owner of a 10-door portfolio generating substantial cash-flow. I cannot imagine doing business with anyone other than Monte and his incredible team.

D. Russo – Austin TX

Monte Davis Realty Group is truly as good as it gets. The entire team is dedicated, efficient and amazing to work with. We live in California and recently bought an investment piece of property. Monte and his team use state of the art technology to bridge the distance gap. Will definitely call upon them again to purchase. Highly recommend.

Debbie Casher Quart - CA Investor